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Artist Statement


My heart has always been the compass for my paintings.


The artwork is generated by experiences I encounter as life unfolds. From dealing with my mother’s Alzheimer’s and being her caregiver, to being surrounded by the spectacular beauty of the Oregon coast where we live.


Each original oil painting explores a specific aspect of the world I see and celebrate in. I paint because I cannot find the words what I would like to vocalize. The visual becomes the only language that is articulate enough to render what I desire to communicate.


Individual creations become a letter to the viewer in color, texture, form, pattern and emotion. Each painting is an Image Poem, brought into existence in order to share, and hopefully, impact the life of the viewer. Waiting to be revisited often, enriching the life of the person who encounters it.


Every original oil painting becomes a page in the journal of my life's journey through lenses of belief, of contrasts, moments of elation, love, loss, failure, joy, faith and hope. My artwork is how I make sense of the world and the people around me.


Thank you for your time and energy as you look at my artwork in The Gallery of Abstract Creations in Oil.


David Castleberry


Installations/ Studio

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